"Deciding to elope is a difficult decision to make. I'm talking about a real elopement - the kind where your Maid of Honor isn't there to straighten out your dress or hold your bouquet: where there's no father-daughter/mother-son dance. I'm talking about the most intimate moment with the love of your life, as vulnerable as you will ever be. So when David and I decided to elope in Bali, we knew we couldn't just document it. We knew we had to document it the right way. The first time we talked to Bradford and Henry, it just made perfect sense to have them on our team.

David said it best when he told them, "Y'all have the power to literally frame people's memories" and they did just that for us, in the most authentic, honest and beautiful way possible. Maybe it's being caught in the moment of saying your vows to one another, or maybe it's their incredible ninja-like abilities, but during our most vulnerable moments, they managed to be non-instrusive while capturing every single minute impeccably. I never thought that pictures and videos could evoke the exact feelings from the day there were taken, but I can assure you that ever time I look at our pictures and watch our film, I get the same butterflies in my stomach and I'm overcome with the overwhelming sense of joy that I felt on that day in Bali.

On top of that, Bradford and Henry have to be two of the coolest guys to hang out with. The entire time it felt like we were exploring the beautiful island of Bali together with some of our best friends (who just happen to be immensely talented). We couldn't have asked for anyone better to document the most important day of our lives together.

There's no way that David and I could repay The Brothers Martens for their incredible talent, dedication and friendship. That you Bradford and Henry from the bottom of our hearts - for not only captuing our memories, but for being a part of them."



Music : Matthew L. Fisher + Ryan Taubert + Tony Anderson

Planner : Paper Diamonds • Ceremony Venue : Kayumanis Ubud

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