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We feel so fortunate to have had The Brothers Martens capture our wedding! Henry, Bradford and their entire team are brilliant artists and amazing humans; who are now, after the best adventure of our lives, our friends!

Our wedding was a 4 day adventure in Joshua Tree and by the end of it, every one of our guests had a love for the Brothers and an appreciation for their hard work! Having them there took our happiness to another level; a level that is hard to put into words but is seen and felt in the photos and video. They truly brought out the best in us! They allowed us to feel comfortable and encouraged us to be ourselves every step of the way! They went above and beyond to not only make us feel this way but our guests too, which just goes to show how thoughtful they are! Watching them work and demonstrate their talents was inspiring - they are true masters of light, color, posing, composition, and storytelling! We are so thankful that they share their gifts with the world!

We truly cherished every moment we spent with them. We saw the most beautiful sights, hiked, celebrated, and shared countless laughs; all which felt so natural while they worked their magic! Weddings are the happiest days of people's lives, just as ours was, but they also are the quickest days for sure, and there is nothing more magical than having the ability to relive and feel fully present again with the photos + videos The Brothers Martens create! 

Thank you from the bottom of our very happy hearts for allowing us to not only be fully present and experience every beautiful moment of our wedding, but to relive it, forever!



Music : Phoria • Photographer : The Brothers Martens • Planner : Lace and Likes

Makeup : Nancy Zinzun • Ceremony + Reception Venue : The Ruin

DJ : Dart Collective • Floral : Siren Floral Co • Cake : Pastry Swan

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