The Marfa Wedding

• Planner ~ Two Be Wed

• Venue ~ The Capri

• Floral ~ Maxit Flower Design

• Music ~ David Ramirez

• Girls Getting Ready ~ Casa Del Norte

• Guys Getting Ready ~ Colomo | Marfa





We couldn't have made a better decision than to hire Bradford as our wedding photographer. We were married in Marfa, TX, and Bradford made the trek out there twice to capture our engagement photos and wedding day. On both occasions in every possible way, he exceeded our expectations. His drive, awesome sense of humor, timing, and talent all culminated in the beautiful documentation of our story. And that's what we feel when we see the photos - our story.

Throughout the day, he kept reminding us to be present and focus on each other, he had the rest covered. He saw all the moments we missed, and caught all the ones we experienced but never want to forget. He and his awesome second shooter, Julie, fit seamlessly into our group of guests and wedding party. It was definitely like two friends hanging out with us for the day. They kept everyone smiling and laughing and gave off the feeling of comfort that you get from a friend. 

When we received the final images from Bradford, we were completely blown away. The artistry and beauty was more than we could have ever hoped for. Bradford's ability to take a still image and capture it in a way that evokes a feeling of movement, energy, mood, and emotion is the reason we fell in love with his work, and he brought all of that on our wedding day. We're happy to have left the experience with beautifully documented memories and a friend for life in Bradford.


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